Katherine Ferrara

Katherine Ferrara

Award-Winning Luxury Travel Writer

Florida-based travel, food, and luxury lifestyle writer. Philanthropist. Mom. Beach lover. Foodie. Avid sports fan. Jazz lover.

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Where to Explore Sarasota's Arts Scene

By Katherine Ferrara

The heartbeat of downtown Sarasota, Florida, doesn't only come from a thriving dining and business district. It also beats from the city's equally vibrant — and culturally diverse — arts community. Sarasota has been fortunate to have served as a muse for a series of wealthy benefactors, who helped create and endow museums, theaters and other cultural attractions.

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Sarasota's Most Creative Tables

8 Sarasota Restaurants for a Creative Meal
By Katherine Ferrara

Once dominated by a few restaurants, the dining scene in Sarasota, Florida, has exploded in recent years, thanks to a cadre of innovative chefs who are redefining the foodie scene. From farm-to-table menus pushing the culinary envelope to Southern-style comfort food, you will find something to your liking at one of these restaurants: